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You were so stinkin cute... what happened? I still think that this Franklin kid is made up.


Omg! Franklin Thomas Perkins, Jr.!! Where do you get these pics from?? Thats adorable, brings back memories.


I get all these things from Janie.

And I just realized that Franklin may have been cuter than me, but that would be impossible, wouldn't it? I always thought I was the cuteist kid back then.


omg Franklin Thomas Perkins Junnnniooor! my mom always talked about how cute he said his name. i always wondered what he looked like.

and your cuter...but i could be partial


Well, Jill stole my 'Franklin Thomas Perkins, Juuuuuunior' so I'll just tell my favorite memory of him.

Franklin knocks on our door.
Mark's dad answers the door.
Franklin: Can Mark come out and play?
Mark's dad: Mark's still at school, Franklin.
Franklin: Well, can YOU come out and play?
(Maybe you had to be there...)


Oh, and cute as he was, you were cuter than Franklin. When was the last time you ever saw him?


LOL, I don't remember that Franklin Thomas Perkins Jr. story. He was the Craig LeConey of that age group. Then again, Craig would have just let himself in.

Franklin's dad was pretty hot if I remember correctly, so I'm thinking the son could be as well. I think they live in Florida. The little sister, Suzanne, was really cute too. I think the mom was pretty out there.

But you were a cuter kid than Franklin, in my opinion.

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