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those are some gorgeous blues you got there. and that telephone wire [is that what it is?] looks like it's linking the flags to each other.


Hey, I was just shooting that ferris wheel a couple weeks ago, and I even shoved one of the photos into a post about my strange obsession with ferris wheels. I never thought to snap a picture of it from the boardwalk, though.


Howard - We practically live at Wonderland when we're down there, but my boys won't go near the Ferris wheel (although it's what they look for when we're coming onto the island). That's fine by me, since I'm not too crazy about heights. I did get the nerve to go on the log flume, I just keep forgetting to blog about it.

Albert - I'm glad you found a positive in that stupid telephone line, because I was pretty annoyed about it being in my photo. It made me wish I knew Photoshop better.


Awesome picture!

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