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If we can't bring up embarrassing Mark stories to the new readers, then what does that leave us??
Anyway, congrats on this honor, I read the interview yesterday and you sounded great. Particularly liked the part about your blog being regular.



Great interview and great responses too. Except you need to finally realize how good you are at writing.

As for favorites, I love hearing about your kids but my very favorites are the ones you write about your childhood.

Oh, Donna & I are going to go to the next meet and greet with you! (Nah... just trying to scare ya LOL)


Hey, that is a GREAT idea, Janie!! Especially if we get in a few of those beers that Mark talks to much about. Bring photos!


Oops that was supposed to be beers that Mark talks SO much about.


I think you meant to say "...those beers that Mark talks TOO much about." I see how it is.

I would be worried about you two going through with your evil plan (especially since I can't make this month's meetup), but I'm counting on the fact that I don't think you two would go into the city at night without a police escort.

If you do go, try the Oatmeal Stout.

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