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Congrats on your blog anniversary. I know I've enjoyed reading them. You are my cleverest sibling, no offense to Janie, your other reader.


Happy Blogiversary?

Sara J.

"All both of you" - BRILLIANT!


And many more!


I've enjoyed reading your comments, having found your Blog on PhillyFuture. I especally like your song selections on Fridays. Billy Joe Shaver is an American Icon, give him a spin sometime. I've also read many other Blogs as well to get a taste of the flavor of what is being said. I've thought about starting a Blog for those who live below your location; because I reside in an area of So.Jersey that the MSM doesn't reconize or knows it exists. And the thing is no one, No One Blogs from this area. And thats unreal, but would a Blog from this area fly? I don't know.


Thanks to everyone for the kind words!

Tom Durso

Mark, congrats on the anniversary, and keep up the good work.


woo ho! i missed this last week. happy blogiversary!


Doesn't seem like a year already! I'm really glad you decided to blog because I love reading what you write.


Congradulations on your first year. Here is to another year of holier than thou commentary. Hell, make it two years, I hardly ever read the damn thing anyhow!


I'm the only blogger I know who's related to his comment troll. Thanks, Mike.

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