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You really never have gotten over being told you were too old to keep putting your stocking out on St. Nicholas Eve, have you?


Uh, we are too old for St. Nick stockings?? Since when? I'm going to do it anyway, you aren't the boss of me, Janie.

Sara J.

Give the Gift of Typepad! Buy a blog for the missus at a discounted rate (the lowest rates ever!), or renew your own subscription and get one free!

(No, I don't work for Six Apart, but I do believe I've been brainwashed by the Typepad homepage).


Sara - Hey, who hasn't been charmed by Mena and Ben Trott? I'm not so sure the missus would be happy with me giving her her own blog account for Christmas unless I wrapped it in jewelry or an ipod!

Donna and Janie - Me talking to you in person about this post counts as a reply comment. I've said all I'm going to say.

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