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oh eww, tmi on what Mommy and Daddy were doing on or about November 13, 1967.
I originally read the moon's phase on that day as being "waxing gibbons". Phew, there's a phase you'd want to grow out of fast.


I'm with Donna -- the last thing I ever want to think about is being conceived. (The worst part of all is that I found out I was an accident! EWWWW!)


Why on Earth would you need to know how many seconds old you are? I have trouble acknowledging that I am 35.


The scary thing is that I was two weeks late, which would put that magic night right on Halloween. That makes me think conception somehow involved costumes.

And Karen, I was my mom's twelfth pregnancy. By then it's hard to claim those things as "accidents."


Dee, you're 35? Damn, you're old.


Halloween, huh? Oh,well, that explains the french maid costume in the back of Mom's closet at the old house.


Yeah, but does it explain the french maid costume in the back of my closet?


omg, wait till I tell mommy that you took her outfit! She's gonna be pissed!


Not to burst your bubbles but the French maid costume was Daddy's...


Well, I'd definitely say that qualifies as a bubble-burster.

Please, can we end this thread while I still have a few non-familial readers?

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