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Pistol Shots...Gun shots!

Wow, an all Bruce station? Seems a bit like overkill. You should look into satellite radio though, we subscribe to XM, it was hard wired into one of our cars & I ended up picking up a receiver for the other car, was only $50 or so? Can't live without my XM. Thanks for the magazine link, that looks interesting. Took a quick glance, wasn't surprised to see John & Yoko at the top. Congrats on the race, that's great!


I could definitely live with all Bruce all the time. Pete has satellite radio and its cool but I'm not sure its worth paying for. We have an extra one since he bought a truck that had it installed, if you are interested.


Btw...the title is from Flood by They Might Be Giants.


Mark says: "Three discs with plenty of never-before-released goodies, thus forcing all Bruce completists into replacing their perfectly good Born to Run CD (which had replaced their pretty good Born to Run cassette, which replaced their horribly scratched-up Born to Run album)."

...And the album replaced the 8 track :o/

(Donna... you TOTALLY looked up that answer online. Admit it!)


love google

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