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Take heart -- thanks to the great camera-vaulting incident of the Christmas of 2005, I am also having camera (or is it kamera) issues. Actually, mine still works, but the lense cover doesn't open all the way, so I've taken a few pictures and had to seriously crop them.

Don't know if it's permanent, but I'm fairly sure it won't be worth paying to have it fixed. Maybe I was due for a new one anyway.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year!


I'm liking the Canon. You can borrow it for a few days if you want to check it out. I saw it on sale for $199. Can you get the memory card out of the fuji to save the pics in there?


We used to have a Nikon 3100 Coolpix which was nice enough, but hubby was unhappy about the lack of manual control over the pictures. This year, we bought a Nikon P2, which is a little over your price range, but well worth - digital capabilities (also short videos) with manual adjustments for aperture and shutter speed. Hubby played with it for a few days before declaring it a winner, particulary enamored with macro abilities.

If you have a moment or two to dash across the river, I highly recommend Chestnut Hill Camera Shop. We bought both of our cameras there and they are very helpful and knowledgeable - will not sell you more camera than you need, which as someone who knows little about photography, I appreciate. They also have refurbished cameras.

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