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We LOVE "The Iron Giant" around here -- we even own the DVD.

Steven Hart

"The Iron Giant" was the last great hand-drawn animated film we'll probably ever see. You'll notice Pete Townsend has some kind of producer credit -- that's because he had optioned the rights to Ted Hughes' book because he was working on a rock opera version.

The sad thing is that "The Iron Giant" was the third and last film in Warner's bid to get into feature-length animation. The first was "Space Jam," and if you saw it no further comment is necessary. The second was a Disney knockoff called "Quest for Camelot." So, after two stinkers, Warners is presented with something fresh and original and it completely fumbled the ball -- the film, which should have been a blockbuster hit, vanished without a ripple and had to find its audience through video and DVD.

I've always wondered if the experience of being an artistic superhero in a company run by brain-dead corporate drones wasn't a big part of the impetus behind "The Incredibles," the movie Brad Bird went on to make for Pixar after leaving Warners.


Dude, LOVE the Iron Giant.

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