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re Bobby Flay: He actually loses in one of the first few episodes. I was happy to see that.

Alton - did you hear he broke his collar bone filming the first show? I won't be missing that.


I only caught the first Throwdown, but Bobby sure seems to be on a role over at Iron Chef America. He seems to be getting too chummy with Jeffrey Steingarten, though.

I heard Alton literary "feasts on asphalt" on the fourth episode. I'm trying to figure out how he was able to finish the rest of the series.


My fav Flay show was Grililn & Chillin from 3 summers ago with that guy from Louisiana [?] in the overalls. They'd cook similar things, but differently. Flay on some $5K grill, the other guy on a $99 Weber. The other guy always wanted to put a paste [pronounced paysh] on everything. I hate Iron Chef America.


Albert, Jack McDavid did that show with Bobby (or Bab-bee as Jack would say). I love Jack McDavid!

I saw him one morning at the Reading Terminal Market (his Down Home Diner is there).

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