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You've piqued my interest on the Blackbeary -- I'll have to track that down.

Jeff Martin

Hopfish is probably my favorite all-around beer. I picked up a six of Farmhouse Ale earlier this month and have one left...I think you've inspired me to drink it tonight.


Do you ever drink a Bud Light?


Donna... he hasn't answered you because he is either (a) passed out after reading that or (b) still staring at his computer with his mouth agape trying to comprehend what you're talking about.


I try not to answer questions that the questioner already knows the answer to (and, besides, I had already emailed Donna back with a very clever, "What's Bud Light?").

Joe MightyBoognish

Reading your blog from sunny (sweaty hot steamy humid) Key West. What I wouldn't do right now for an ice cold Stone IPA. If you like Victory HopDevil, definitely pick up a bottle of Stone IPA. Delicioso. I was tempted to pick up a 12'er of Miller Chill, it's unbelievably low priced at just $12.99/12pk here in KW. But when I saw the "2" points review on beer rate...no thanks!

Rock On!


I'll have to try Stone's IPA (and Key West, sooner or later). When I was down in Miami, Chill ads were plastered all over the place, I assume for of the Cuban population, but I can't imagine anyone thinking it was authentic.


A hearty "me too" regarding the HopDevil. It is one of my all-time favorites; I am halfway through a case right now. Looking forward to trying the Stone. I can recommend Lancaster Brewing's Hop Hog as an IPA especially balanced for summer drinking, because it has a crisp, citrusy flavor and is not as bitter as you might expect given its name.

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