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Nick was AWESOME! I may be a wee bit biased, but I think he made the whole show. And did it without beating up a microphone, I may add!! I'm still fuming over the stage mom and their whole rude, obnoxious family. You guys did a great job. You are the ones giving your kids AND all the other kids the times that they will remember when they look back on their school years. Its why you do it, its why I do it (tho less enthusiastically than I did in my early, naive years). We'll have all the memories AND we can laugh at the morons who try to ruin it for everyone else.


PS....Jess is sincerly sorry for running around the back of the room during the show last night!! What can I say, she has bad parents :P


I'm personally biased when it comes it Jess but she was the least obnoxious of everyone. (tee hee... joking of course)

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