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Joann Marcus

I sat down one afternoon and turned on my television set and with pain in my heart...it was a tear jerker for me to see of how the way people struggled in New Orleans when the leeves broke. I could still hear the sounds of the music from New Olreans bands (jazz) in my head and heart. Residents still to this day, are not back home.


Okay, I watched this documentary and it was sooooo bothersome to me. First let me get something clear. I do have compassion for those lives that went through this disaster. I do not however believe it is a racial issue as to why the help from our goverment was sooo long in helping. Spike of many people who stir things up to be about race. You yourself are a racist. As a category 3-4 hurricane survivor I do know about who is intially in charge when there is such a disaster approaching. That would be the Mayor and the Govenor. Both of them failed New Orleans. New Orleans knew that there was a category 5 in the ocean with a GREAT chance of hitting them. They should have been ready then. When Hugo was heading towards South Carolina we knew it might hit Charleston or Savannah or maybe Mrytle Beach. We got ready for the maybe. I chose to stay. My decision, knowing that I might get hurt, trapped or have no help. I stocked up on needs like food, water, baby milk, diapers, can openers, flash lights batteries. All the basic needs to survive. I did not expect any policeman or fireman or President to come save me. I put myself in that situation. So as for the thousands of people in NO. hello. It is your fault for staying. YOU WERE WARNED!!! I can only simpathize with the elderly handycapped and pets left behind. Again, the mayor failed those people. When you live in a hurrican location, which if you didn't know, would be near a coast line, hello. There is an evacuation plan for your city. Learn it. teach your family. plan every season to know what to do. Just like in elementary school we learn about fire safety and what to do, EDUCATE YOURSELF. Unfortunately, the MAYOR FAILED YOU IN KNOWING THIS. Again, education seems to be the need here. If the people of the lower 9th and others trapped would do something to better their life style like get educated, maybe they would not have been living in their own poverty. Maybe they would own a car to get themselves out, maybe they would have money to get a hotel to stay where they needed to be safe,maybe they wouldn't be soooo use to handouts. You're black Mr. Lee. How did you make it big? EDUCATING YOURSELF. Stop making this whole thing about race and the government. I saw a building with "we don't run from hurricanes, we drink them". Hello stupid person that wrote that. Hugo was a scary experience. My husband and two kids age 3 and 4 at time were in a closet for over 4 hours. Our streets flooded. Downtown Charleston was under water. I remember what it was like waiting in the hot sun for fresh water in mile long lines. Oh well, I chose to stay. I would hate to see the day the Lord comes back and the earth goes through serious disasters. Remember, the lord helps those whom help themselves. I guarentee you that alot of NO people are living better now then what they did before. I bet most of those who lost their homes did not have insurance. Maybe their Mayor needed to be working on a plan before Katrina was ever a speck on a radar to improve the city by doing something about educating people and getting more jobs for those people to get out of the poverty they create. When I say people, trust me I mean WHITE, BLACK. HISPANIC,ASIAN,AMERICAN INDIAN YOU NAME IT. LAZY PEOPLE. This is the United States, one in which my father and husband both serve and have served so that we could be a better nation. There are means out there for these underpriviledged people. It is what it is, people get use to being in the hole they create for themselves. If you want a change, start with who you elect to run you cities. I could go on forever. Spike, you used a lot of idiots as people to interview. I like the white chick with the beer running her mouth. Give me a break. People from all over, young, old, poor rich,of every race and nation have given to Katerina victims.I bet if you build a new 9th ward and put the same people back there it will become the same trashed city it was. EDUCATE THEM.


You make some interesting points. I will go so far as to say that everyone messed up with Katrina. We do pay FEMA substantial dollars and therefore they had tons of responsibility to help the people of NOLA! (not to mention the Army Corps of Engineers saying that the leeves are safe)

What I fail to understand is how you could possibly think that everyone had the wherewithall to get the hell out of dodge. They had no cars and all the busses were indisposed! Maybe some didn't have access to TV or radio. There were a lot of handicapped and elderly as you already mentioned. No one deserves to suffer the way that these people have!

In the documentary, Betsy was discussed. LBJ felt that he had a responsibility to support those in NOLA. He was there sooner than 12 days after. It makes our president look like he couldn't care less. Guess what, he really couldn't! Do you think that if this Hurricane hit in a affluent area Bush would be there 12 days after the fact? I doubt it! Of course it was about race and class. The majority of those in NOLA are black. He couldn't come right out and say it but he watched the damn TV, went to some fundraisers and thought 12 days later about going over there to see what the heck happened.

You talk quite a bit about educating the masses. That's great but then $$$ for the school systems would have to come into play. It is clear that some districts in America get more opportunities than others. That is something that would take precedence over most everything else and I am not convinced that education is our government's priority! The job that our government is responible for is large and I don't know if Bush is capable or compassionate to make necessary changes.

I understand that you went through Hugo and good for you for being prepared. I would assume that there are some in your community that weren't prepared. Did they get what they deserve? Did they deserve compassion and non-judgement? I would think that you of all people would have looked at all of the people standing on the roofs starving or those at the Convention Ctr and think that this should not be happening here in America! It makes me absolutely sick to my stomache and I am so far removed from paths of Hurricanes as you could possibly get! I also shy away from passing judgement on the victims of the hurricane because I have not experienced anything close to what they have.

I am a special-ed teacher and have taught students that have been in jail and have been through the worst types of experiences imaginable. It is not so easy to pull yourself up by the bootstraps. The students were twice the size of me but I never took any crap from them and at the same time showed them tremendous amounts of respect. They have all said that I was the first teacher ever to give them patience and respect. (it was trying many days but well worth it) I mention this to show you that it is not so easy to rise above your circumstances. Most folks have no support system and the programs that you mention are basically crap.

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