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Hi - I saw this post as I was doing a search for my old school in Willingboro, Corpus Christi... I was born at Burlington Memorial in 1972 and lived in Willingboro until 1986 (when it seems a lot of people were leaving). I went back in 2005 to visit Corpus Christi and my old neighborhood and house... I lived in Garfield East. I was so sad to see what happened with the place... We ate at East Ridge pizza - still as good as I remember it... went to Twin Hills park & ampitheater... but a lot of what I remember was old and did not look as nice as when I lived there. I guess I just wanted to respond to your post, because I feel the same way... sad and wishing for the times when we played in the streets and yards without fear, playing tag in the dark, etc. Thanks for sharing...

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