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Awww. Thats all I can say. Awww. Tell the little guy I want to hear him sing when I see him next.


That's three "Awww"s in one day from you (including the one you left on Ipso Photo). You're flagged.


Never will we go to these things again. We have fulfilled our quota!


Sorry, the awwwws are a bad habit picked up in my parenting email group. What else can you say to the 4,000 cute kid pictures that come through weekly lol. I swore off those restaurant school nights after my first and only experience wayyyy back when. They are a nightmare.


Would you prefer the diner gave your school no money, and they didnt have to supply a clown and crafts for no charge. Maybe you should stop being so ungrateful.Were you too good to wait in line for the clown? Get a life and stop blogging maybe you will have time for your kids!


Maybe before you go on someone's blog, you should know what you're talking about! If you actually read more than one post, you'd know that we spend tons of time with our kids. We weren't going to wait an hour in line so that the kid could go to bed late just so that he could get his face painted! That's called LIMITS!

Why are you so insulted anyway? Do you work there at the Diner?


So let me get this straight, Silver Diner offers crappy food in a crappy setting and overcharges for it, but I'm not allowed to criticize them because they give a few bucks to my kids PTA? Give me a break. My son's school might make a few bucks off the night, but Silver Diner gets more people in there for that one night then they get in a usual week. If they cared so much about my son's school, why didn't they just donate some money, no strings attached, and not force us to eat their horrible food.

And "am I too good to wait in line for a clown?" Yeah, I was too good, seeing how it was a school night and I had to get my kids to bed. Is it too much to ask that the people who run the restaurant figure out that there are going to be hundreds of kids there that night and adequately prepare for it? I don't think so.

"Get a life and stop blogging maybe you will have time for your kids!" Fuck you! You don't know me. You have no idea how much time I spend with my kids. I was in that crappy restaurant to spend time with my kids, but you obviously think that my blogging time would be better spent waiting in line for some stupid clown while my kids' bedtime slowly passes by. I do plenty of things with my kids (if you had bothered reading other posts on my blog you would have noticed that) and I know that wanting to do something for myself, like blogging, doesn't make me any worse a parent than someone who spends their free time leaving mean comments on other people's websites.

Sorry if I offended someone you know that works at that shitty restaurant, but if they're going to work at Silver Diner, they are going to have to get used to hearing people complain about it.


Bravo, Mark!


No I dont I have also done fundraising there and the place is always upbeat , friendly and they provide these things to schools free of charge, I will tell them to ban your school for your rude and ungrateful comments!


...and im sure you would do that, if you knew the school. Maybe you should spend more time with YOUR kids, instead of making threats to people who you know nothing about.

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