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I looooved Eternal Sunshine. I love seeing a small handful of totally refreshing films each year and that was definitely one of them last year. I'm glad you liked it as well.


I also loved Eternal Sunshine. I think its definetly one of the best movies I have watched in a long time. I liked the fact that the entire movie was recursive...like "12 Monkeys".


Look, I can barely stand that I enjoy Willis in Nobody's Fool. I don't care how interesting 12 Monkeys sounds (and it does) or that it was shot in Philly, it's going to take a bit for me to put Willis on my queue!

Dimmy Karras

The Oscar "Best Song" category has been an enigma for years, consistently overlooking the good songs from movies in favor of various pieces of crap. The Academy should probably just stick to movies.

I will second the comment that 12 Monkeys is worth watching.


I tried--desperately, mind you--to watch Eternal Sunshine. Twice. (Insert incoherent sobbing here.)

On another note--I noticed you're reading the Wilco book. Have you seen the documentary "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart." Amazing film.

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