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Geek, maybe but a geek with great taste in bands. And thats being said even before Springsteen made the list. Ahhh, July 20, 1987...the night I met, but didn't actually SEE Peter Gabriel. And I have the pics to prove it.


Thanks for the mention lol. I still don't know how I fell asleep during a concert, but then again, I also fell asleep watching Rocky when it was first out in the theatres. Dang, and thats before I got old.


Ok, I know this is my THIRD comment but it must be said that because you spent your time in Physical Geography compiling "I am NOT a geek" lists, I remember more about "soil" than you ever learned! And probably the reason that Dr. Behm liked me best.


That's not fair. You had Behm for Physical Geography. I had Mr. Lint, a man whose personality matched his name.

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