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I actually laughed and almost cried at the same time!

First of all, that's MY picture of you two... GIVE IT BACK!!

Second - and try to get out of this one - if 40 is really, really, really old... what do you consider 48?

Next, 37 is not really young. You're just younger than the rest of us.

And, the memories of how valiantly you tried to play baseball when you really wanted to play on Pong on your computer (hey... there's a first milestone for you - you were the first to own a computer!) makes me want to cry. Mostly because you still went out and tried and also because I remember watching some of those games.

Finally, Michael will get the last laugh here seeing how he is currently on a private island with his wife celebrating his 40th!

~ Janie


Well thanks for the lump in the throat.


i was never close to my older bro and sis [11 and 10 yrs older] and i think i missed out a lot with the whole sibling thing. they were more like close cousins to me. when i was old enough to start doing things other than sit and watch tv, they were off at college and then they moved out of the house.

i'm oh so happy for you and your relationship with your bro and the rest of the fam.


A couple of observations from the elderly...
- Is it just me, or do I look like a young Joey Ramone in that picture
- I can't believe one you got one comment on the riveting and exciting blog you posted on the painting of your dining room! Truly award winning stuff!
- in light of the Michael Jackson scandal, please do not refer to what I did to you behind the Whomsley Field dugout as "jacking up."
- Finally, you are excused from calling me on my birthday, as I was sunning myself on the beach in Naples, Fla. (a popular retirement spot for us in advanced years.)
Thank you for providing such a wonderful testimony to such a wonderful man who has been a driving influence in your life.


Oh, I can't wait to hear that Podcast you're talking about doing. I'm sure it will be just filled with the most fascinating stuff.

And you threatened me during baseball even though you knew I was in the process of reading a book on how to play better. Which, by the way, I'm still reading.


I swear... NO ONE makes me laugh more than my two baby brothers! You guys are the best!

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