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You underestimate the power of the flashlight. Don't feel too sad b/c the 7yo and his partner in crime were "quizzing" me about where we live. You probably rated just above the insurance salesman.


I only wish that the school would have combined Career Day with Family Day. This had to be your best performance since your Santa Claus at the now infamous Tiny Tot Dance Class Christmas Party of 1993. Even as a gullible 2 year old, your niece took one look at you and asked "what Unc Mah doin?" If you want, I know I have some photos which I would be happy to scan and post.....


One of my kids' favorite (and mine) exhibits at the Franklin Institute is a computer that pans down from Mars to your street. So we like maps. I can't read one to save my life, but that's what the rest of the family is for. "Mom, we're here, not in the water. Jeez."


Mark, that was seriously the funniest thing I think you've ever written! People at work are staring at me because I'm laughing to myself while I eat my lunch.

By the way, remember when you drew a map to your house and the directions were wrong? Do you, Mr. Cartographer?

~ Janie


You're going to have to be more specific, since I've done that about five times. I said I was a cartographer, I never said anything about being a good cartographer.

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