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Many years ago, a dear friend of ours got struck by lightning -- yes, it's true! -- while out running. He was revived but woke up with amnesia, so he was"John Doe" at the hospital until, by chance, a doctor wandering by thought he recognized him. So, the dog tag is a good idea. May you never need it.


Do NOT get hit by a car!


If you are seriously go outside and run in this crazy cold weather, you are obsessed. Good picture choice!


BTW... how did you get the blood on your beloved Hurricanes?


Someone finally asked!

I don't know if I can tell you without being too gross, but all I'll say is this - if you think one of your toenails might need clipping, you should clip it. Before you run, or it's like having a can opener in your shoe.

Told you it was gross.

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