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oh man, this is going to be one great learning experience for you. and i think it's going to make for some great posts in the future. maybe at the next meetup i'll wear my old baseball shirt and call you coach!

i blew out my shoulder in HS where we had a 2-man rotation at pitcher. i lost my love for the game after the strike and have never really looked back. but down the road of life, if/when i have kids, i'm sure i'll be more than happy to help out, just as you are. i'd be even happier if it was soccer though - my favorite sport!

i hope that you don't have one of those "funniest home video" moments where you get zonked in the family jewels by an unsuspecting line drive or thrown bat.


Too funny!!

I remember when my son stood in for his first player-pitched game. I couldn't watch. Then he finally got hit in the head and wasn't hurt - what a relief. Now he's 12 and they pitch even faster, of course. I'm back to not being able to watch.

You're going to have the best fun with this. Ask the more experienced coach lots of questions so you learn. That's what I did with soccer and I ended up coaching a team that was undefeated. (and having to earn the respect of 8-11 year old boys) There's nothing like coaching sports when you have the right attitude, which, IMHO, is somewhere between "we must win" and "I don't care who wins!"

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