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Stacy Schiff -- whom I knew as a girl at summer camp way back when! -- has just published a very highly praised bio of Franklin's years in France. She won a Pulitzer for a previous book. (Moi, I don't read history. Yet, anyhow.)


I had just brought "Live from New York" in from the van giving up on the idea of reading it while doing some of the many hours of waiting that I do in any given week. So here goes:
"You were up for hours. You had all this energy and this uplift and you had to sort of work it off, so you could go to the Blues Bar, where you could dance and you could drink and you could be funny and could meet a lot of people and really carry on. It was necessary to have a place to go. *Bill Murray*


You would think this would be easy enough to do. :::sigh:::

The book closest to me is "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life" by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. It's by my computer because I have recently emailed with the author.

Page 123 has but exactly five lines on the entire page. Alas, by being honest and actually grabbing the book closest to me, I have effectively screwed myself out of participating...


Karen - Thanks for the tip, but I think I'm done with Ben Franklin for a little while. The book I just finished had a lot about Franklin in France. Sounds like he was their favorite American until Jerry Lewis came along.

Donna - The Ben Franklin book has amost the same passage, except he went to the City Tavern instead of the Blues Bar. But the dancing, drinking, being funny, and carrying on parts are all the same. Ben would bring the house down by doing old English ballads like a lounge singer. Cracked them up.

Janie - Thanks for playing. I'd offer you the home edition of the game as a consolation prize, but this already is the home edition.


i was going to play, but none of the books on my desk go up to page 123.

~your (favorite) niece


He's famous for teaming up with a buddy and going out as Twoeth Wilde and Crazy Gents


Way to represent Holy Cross High there, Jill.

Donna, ye one funny wench.


My English teachers were the following...

-Tosto (sosnowski)

Its amazing i even wanna be an english teacher.

however...i work with children 6weeks-4yrs...123 pages is a novel to them.

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