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ahhh, i love the books. i'm embarrassed to admit that i read mitch albom's book and it was sickly sweet to the point of nausea.


Ah, but let us not forget the Count Five...."Psychotic Reaction"....


My friend, Marie, missed being born on 5/5/55 by mere hours...


I'm a nerd about dates too. Yesterday found me calculating what amazing event might be occurring in my family on 11/11/11 so I can throw a huge party with that date printed on the invitations!


I text messaged Megan at school telling her it was 5/5/05. She texted me back to let me know that I'm lame.


Sam - Mitch will pay for those sickly sweet books when he gets to heaven and finds out he has to spend his eternity of Tuesdays with Morrie.

Jon - A comment like that cries out for a mp3 sample. My son's first communion was today and the pew our family was assigned was "Mary's side, Center aisle, row 5" - abbreviated MC-5. Eeire.

Janie - I missed being born on 6/6/66 by mere years.

Karen - 11/11/11 will be Veteran's Day, does that help your planning any?

Donna - Perhaps the lameness came from not from the date info, but from the way you insist on ending your IM messages "l8r g8r".


The above snarky comments were left by me, not the missus.

Damn personal info saver.


LOL my kids know I'm mad cool. Although for some reason they've forbidden me from using the term mad anything. Probably stemming from the unfortunate incident of when I said I had to go to the bathroom mad bad because my bladder was mad full......l8r

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