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"but I don't think she has contemplated just how geeked up I'm going to get about this between now and the day of the concert."

Oh, she understands... we ALL understand how geeky you can get! :o)


I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt but then you made that station wagon reference. Sorry.


I already know that you are a geek but if you can sit through me screaming "It's the End of the World" in your ear...


That was on Election Day, wasn't it, Dee?


coincidentally enough, it was, Donna!


Wilco?....Saw them....twice!
Doesn't surprise it took you this long --- how long did it take for your to see REM? I saw them when you were still still calling them Rem.


I'm so jealous. I went to listen to My Mourning Jacket on iTunes and liked them although they sounded very southern rock to me. Do you ever listen to Rooney? I'd like to see them.


Janie, Donna, Dee - It's not enough for you guys that I admit I'm geeky, you have to hold a little discussion session about it in my comment section?

Mike - Oooo, you saw Wilco before me. What did you think of Warren Zevon live? Oh, that's right, you never got to see Zevon live. Oops. And I think by now I've more than made up for missing REM's early "five songs and we're out of here" tours.

Robin - MMJ does have a bit of country in them, but it's that reverb sound of theirs that I really love. I've never heard of Rooney, I'll have to hunt down some samples.


The above snarky comments were left by me, not the missus.

Damn personal info saver.


Rooney is California pop but they're also capapble of some very nice surprises. I'm always happy when one of their songs rolls through my iPod shuffle.

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