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You will appreciate this; it appeared in this week's Sports Illustrated:


Awww, Happy Father's Day. I'm surprized that you didn't have the camera. I can see you letting the wife take your firstborn on a plane trip out of state, but your CAMERA???


Karen - I saw their story while watching them do the ironman a few years ago. Saturday while I was pushing my son I came up on a man that looked like he was pushing a double-jogger. I didn't want to lose to someone pushing two kids, so I speed up. As I was getting closer I noticed that his jogger was bigger than mine, but not quite the size of a double. Turns out he was pushing his wife (the guy had to be at least 50). First time I had seen something like that in person. These people are all amazing.

Donna - It's killing me, but if she breaks it I'm getting a much much nicer one as a replacement.

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