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Helen Hunt was in Castaway for all of four minutes. What were you expecting?

Pay It Forward is such a good movie! Did you not like it at all or just Helen Hunt's performance?


So it only felt like she was in Cast Away for four hours?

Everything - EV-ER-REE-THING - was wrong with Pay It Forward. One of the absolute worst movies I have ever seen. After I saw that manipulative dreck I told three strangers to avoid it. When they wanted to thank me, I just told them each to tell three other strangers not to see it.

I get mad just thinking about that movie. Ugh.


Oh what a bummer, I tivoed Empire Falls but haven't set aside a 4 hour block of time to watch it yet. What a great book, maybe I shouldn't spoil it by watching the movie. I agree with you on the casting, I always pictured someone like Tim Robbins as Miles. It's been a while since I read the book though so I'm not sure who I'd pick for Helen Hunt's character. Who played the silver fox?


I think they got the Silver Fox right, they picked Dennis Farina. And it was kind of fun watching Joanne Woodward play aginst type as the evil Mrs. Whiting.

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