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Here are my top 20. So, what time is Mass or services or whatever you publics call it?

1. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (100%)
2. Unitarian Universalism (84%)
3. Liberal Quakers (82%)
4. Reform Judaism (77%)
5. New Thought (73%)
6. New Age (69%)
7. Bahá'í Faith (68%)
8. Neo-Pagan (67%)
9. Orthodox Quaker (67%)
10. Scientology (64%)
11. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (61%)
12. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (59%)
13. Secular Humanism (57%)
14. Sikhism (55%)
15. Mahayana Buddhism (55%)
16. Theravada Buddhism (53%)
17. Hinduism (51%)
18. Taoism (50%)
19. Orthodox Judaism (48%)
20. Eastern Orthodox (44%)


I applaud you and your wife for having the courage and conviction to make this big change. It would be so much easier to just "stay the course," but you're taking action to raise your kids under a religious system that fits with your own beliefs and values. I know tons of Catholics (I'm not one, but I live in Boston, after all!), and all too many admit that they disagree with much of what the church teaches but claim that they "could never" leave. You're showing that you can -- and should, for all the right reasons. Good luck!


Yay!!! I'm very proud of the decision you and your wife are making. This is truly one of those life-changing decisions I hear of people making, a slow growing epiphany of sorts.

I just hope that there won't be any backlash from your R.C. friends if/when you do decide to make the switch for good.


Thanks to everyone for their encouragement. It feels almost like we're moving into a new house. Must be all that Catholic-guilt we have to pack up.

Donna - Forget the Episcopalians, I'm more interested in #5 on your list, "New Thought." I envision people sitting around saying whatever pops into their heads - "hey, you know, I was just thinking, the Pop-Tarts without the frosting really can't hold a candle to the ones that have frosting." Amen, brother, amen.


hey....was that yet another attack on my RHS edumacation?

James Colby

I applaud your choice as well. I married my super other in very small catholic church (S.A.) in Elmer, 27 yrs ago. Church was packed to overflowing. We were married by a 'very' liberal catholic priest from Bridgeton (I.M.) because of 'our' position on contraception use. Years later, while vacationing in Old Williamsburg,VA; before it was discovered by Budweiser, we went to the Bruton Episcopal Church for a service - it is very close liturgically to the Roman Church - and enjoyed everything. Especially the music choices. In fact, the very next time, later that year we went back again for the Christmas Mass and I brought my REVOX along and recorded (along with the recordist, that I met there earlier and became friends with) the whole shebang on 10" reels. Been Pro-Episcopal ever since. Don't miss the Roman dictator one bit.

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