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Glad you had a good time, wish we could have made it down. Friday would have been the only day and that was a wash out anyway. I'm happy that you'll pick up where you left off here. I was in a depressing withdrawal. Almost had to go out and get a life of my own.


Your kids are too cute. I look forward to any stories about them. And it's not just because I'm their aunt either...

Kelly Erb

Your story about lying reminds me of a story one of my friends once told about her children:

Her youngest was too young to go skiing but her oldest refused to go without his sister. So my friend told her youngest child that, if anyone asked, to say she was 7.

They had a lovely vacation.

Weeks later, someone asked my friend's daughter how old she was.

"6" replied the daughter, "but I'm 7 when I'm skiing."


As always, enjoyed your posts!

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