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The missus sent me that pic along with others from your day and I said to the youngins "that ticket picture will be on Uncle Mark's blog tonight". Do I know my baby brother or what?

At least you never got hooked into going to a Barney show. We owned all things purple and prehistoric for much of the 90's. Now we own a fair share of MaryKate and Ashley.

I can't wait to hear all about the train ride from the 3 year old. Just make sure you are on hand to translate.


$16? Jeez. But my three year old would get a kick out of it for sure. She's very pro train and knows the Thomas trains by heart (which I am sure will serve her very well one day).

Thanks for the review. It was hysterical - and helpful!


Wildwood is NOT just about the Boardwalk (or as we call it... Boredwalk). Their beaches are fabulous (and free, you frugal man). I could hit the lottery for a billion dollars and I would still take those same nine September days in Wildwood Crest.

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