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Am I evil for laughing at the second sign?


Our property wasn't touched either. In fact, I didn't see any signs of Mischief Night at all throughout the town. Every night should be Mischief Night, I guess. Jess really enjoyed being an accomplice in the midget league TPing of your house. I'll send her there every year.
Love the TPing warning signs though. Thats too funny.


As for the Kerry/Edwards reactionary, it's a shame there couldn't have been an actual conversation on that one. Or maybe you could type up your own sign for the aging Bush/Cheney stickers out there -- plenty of ammo for that... perhaps you could start by congratulating them for voting in the least popular president in most of our lifetimes.


I'd have preferred a typed note to what I got: Someone scraped my Kerry bumper sticker off my car at the mall a few months ago!

(For the record, I think it would be mathematically correct to say that Kerry also got more votes than any presidential candidate ever -- besides Dubya, if you go by the "official count." There are simply more people voting today than before, though perhaps not percentage-wise. Not sure about all this.)


They left a typed note? Good god. Do they carry around a stack of them? What kind of a neurotic weirdo does that. In need of constatn reassurance that his/her guy won the election and that everything is Right in the world. The other guy - Gore - did get more votes than any presidential candidate ever as of 2000, including one W Bush.

As for pre-emptive TPing, it's all a sham! He's just honing his skills for when he's a mischievous teenager!


This made me laugh so hard.


Karen - Yeah, and all those people who think Lincoln was such a great president should know that Bush got 60,174,702 more votes than Abe did. Stop celebrating the guy's birthday aready.

Donna and Albert - these kids are the future hooligans of the world. Just wait.

Howard - Harassing Bush supporters weakens troop morale. Haven't you been paying attention?

Paige - So not funny.

Sam - Okay, maybe it's kinda funny.


Personally I wish I had never taken my Kerry/Edwards sticker off my car last fall after the carnage that was the election.

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