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Ooh, I know! Sabl├ęs! I can send you the recipe.
Those things melt in your mouth with all that butter...they're easy to make too!


I don't know about Italian wedding cookies, but here's a recipe for Mexican wedding cookies:
These peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies are out of this world:
I have a bunch of recipes I'm looking forward to trying, but I can't recommend them (yet).


Gosh, sorry, I'm no help. If it were me, I would take some Entenmann's out of the box and pass them off as my own. I think it's great that you bake for the ladies, my husband fell into the baking role after I made a Duncan Hines cake with olive oil.

Sherri W.

My shortbread is renowned, but you gotta have the molds, and they travel best if not stacked too high. Aside from that, I have a YUMMY death-by-multi-chocolate recipe at home, but it's more a frozen dessert loaf than an actual *cookie* per se....


Is a pizzale considered an Italian wedding cookie? Either way, it'll be a learning experience.


What kind of cookie did you decide on?

Baking is a good thing this time of year, and I'm glad you're doing it, no matter what the ladies might say.

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