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Just thinking about tie tacks in the eye give me the heebie jeebies. Do you dress so well (in private,obviously) that your 3 y/o would know what a tie tack is? I doubt my 14 y/o knows that lol.


wow...they watch you put on contacts?

my sister, ever since I remember would run away whenever she would see i was about to open then contact lenses case.


I love when kids get words wrong... it's so much cuter then when Bush does it.

My daughter used to say mazagines instead of magazines, Snefanie instead of Stephanie and couldn't stop at ravioli saying raviolioliolio.

Mark, do the words 'juice can' bring back any memories?


the juice can expression and the grad picture expression are one and the same.


Hey, "juice box" wasn't a mispronunciation. People, with 11 family members sharing one bathroom, I was often forced to use an empty orange juice can when I had to pee. Only my sisters still seem interested in this. This no longer embarrasses me, probably because I'm a runner, and runners will drop trou anywhere.


I think being girls with the obvious barriers, the juice can just fascinated us. I'm sure we were a bit jealous.

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