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You're a very gracious guest -- I don't even have a typepad site, but I'd like month free just for all the clicks I've spent in vain trying to access several of my favorite blogs.

Seriously, I think your blog brand has been tarnished by the interruption -- maybe if you ask, they'll up it to 90 days?


i asked for the 45 days and told them that i'm leaving typepad when my billing cycle ends next june unless some serious changes are made. i already have a wordpress blog set up for the foodie stuff and i'd be more than happy to set up another one to host my main blog. wordpress is also free. mmmm free.


First, I had no idea you actually PAY to do this! But I admire your honesty.

Second, the fabulous Night Court is still on only now it's set in a hospital and they call it 'Scrubs' instead.

Third, Jim "Iggy" Ignatowski is one of Jeff's all time favorite TV characters. If there is any doubt as to why, you only have to watch the 'Taxi' episode where Jim tries to cheat to get his drivers license.

Jim whispers: "What does a yellow light mean?"

Alex, et al whisper back: "Slow down."

Jim: "Whaaaat doessss a yellllow liiiiight meeeeean?"


Night Court is on TV Land every night. Its still one of the funniest shows on.

I had to laugh out loud watching Cheers the other night. It was the episode when Norm's wife, Vera wasn't considered suitable as a corporate wife at Norm's new job. She went to a wife's luncheon and as Norm put it, "couldn't pass the muster". When Woody heard that Vera didn't pass the muster with the other ladies at the lunch, he suggested that "maybe she couldn't reach it". Maybe it was because it was late at night, but I laughed for a good 10 minutes at that one. Still cracks me up thinking of it now.


Jim is the best. I had trouble commenting on your blog a couple days ago, fwiw.

Sherri W.

I s'pose I've found one benefit of having been in a deep blue funk for much of the fall----my posting (and readership) had fallen off so naturally of its own accord that the Typepad difficulties affected me not at all.

I'm still taking the 15 automatic free days, thbough. I'm scuzzy that way. ;)

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