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powdered sugar not sticking? add more powdered sugar! mmmmmm. do they have zeppolis [sp?] down here in philly?


Wow-- that's a lot of cookie making!

One suggestion about the powdered sugar: you can send the missus off with a small strainer or sifter and a bag of powdered sugar along with the cookies to the exchange-- if she's okay with that.

I'm gearing up to making more cookies(!) for my family. At their request, I'm making the traditional rollouts with Christmas cookie cutters. I may make some gingerbread as well, and snowdrop cookies.

I'm sending some of my mojo to you-- more power to you, man!


Hmmm, I wonder why the sugar fell off...well, I don't think it could hurt to add more! You can just roll them around in a big pile of it. I'm glad the others were more successful -- they're so good, I don't think I'll ever bother trying another peanut butter-chocolate chunk recipe again.


You took an entire day off to help the missus get the 3 y/o's picture taken? I know the missus very well...she's smart and quite capable. And man, she's GOOD! I got attitude from the Mister when he had to take off for my SURGERY!!


The cookies look like they'll make the cut but let it snow anyway.

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