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Oh boy, send me your snail-mail address and I'll burn you a copy of Martin Sexton's "Black Sheep" and whatever else I think of that you might like....


What a great goal. How about CocoRosie's "Noah's Ark" or American Idol Season 4 Showstoppers????


You don't strike me as a country aficionado, so I'll recommend a couple of really enjoyable country CDs...

1. Dixie Chicks' "Home" - made during their beef with Sony, has no percussion, I love it.

2. Johnny Cash "At Folsom Prison" - I owned it before it became trendy, it's a classic.

3. Alan Jackson "Who I Am" - country when country was cool

I can recommend some other classics, if you're into it.


I cannot wait to see you!!


Wow, I inspired the Long Cut!! I'm humbled. So, what did you think of The East Village Opera Company?


Would it be horrible and pushy of me to offer to send you my sister's cd? It's actually pretty darn good (and she's playing in Philly on March 11th).

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