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I would love to make fun of you, but I once didn't bother turning off the ceiling fan before I tried to dust the ceiling fan. No bodily harm, but I looked pretty stupid.


how did it turn on?


New photo! Isn't this the picture you submitted when you were trying for the game show host job?

I still have one in my wallet photo holder...the one on the back when you said I've been like a sister to you haha. Good times, good times lol


Man, that is a Moment of Zen if I ever heard one...a mantra...turn off the ceiling fan...turn off the ceiling fan. Ah, I would also add, don't ever try to jump your 1967 Volkswagen Beetle's 6-volt battery with your dad's 12-volt Buick 225 (or the battery will blow up in the back seat and throw sulfuric acid in your dad's eye).

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