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Rachael Ray rules in our house. Personally, she drives me crazy with her over the top enthusiasm for every morsel she tries, but she's Jessica's idol. Even she laughs at her though and does a pretty decent imitation.
All of the girls really like the dessert contests. They watched the Elvis birthday cake episode yesterday.


Dave Lieberman is actually a guy from Philly. While he was in college, he and some friends made a couple of cooking shows in their college tv studio, and it was such a big hit (I think it was Yale) that he got some hype and the Food Network jumped on it. As a 26 year old girl, I find him to be deeply appealing. But that's just me.


I have no idea where Dave Lieberman came from but I'm glad he's here. I think Food Network realized they needed some eye candy for the ladies and while I do love Alton Brown & Mario they're not exactly uh, fetching.

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