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I have only one thing to say to you: SEWER BACKUP. Or make that plural: SEWER BACKUPS. The Roto-Rooter guy pulled out mountains of "moist wipes" (mostly Cottonelle brand, but some Kandoo and others) that had gotten trapped on some tree roots that had wormed their way into the seams of our pipes (one of the lovely things about living in an old house on an old street). Be afraid, be very afraid.


All too familiar with those myself... So much so that when my 18 month just climbed up on the sofa while I was reading your post, she gleefully pointed and yelled, "PEE-PEE!"

Ahh. How conversation has changed.


Well, I can only speak for myself; but on my visits to your house, that frog illustration has proved immensly helpful.....


We all need a little visual cue now and then. I love your observation BTW. In other potty news, my buddy Abbey is getting the hang of it...http://teammullen.typepad.com/wide_eyed_wonder/2006/01/miracle_of_mira.html

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