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I skipped the game and the commercials. TMC is running Oscar caliber movies all month so I watched a couple of those. Including one silent film!

I did check in on the Bowl twice to try to get the score. Once the Stones were on stage and I found it painful to watch, so I didn't. I then turned it back on for the final two minutes. Didn't see one commercial.

Also, I was quite busy to see if anyone new commented on the Western Union post haha


V for Vendetta is a great graphic novel. I'm afriad Portman may ruin it though. But I'll still see it. And as much as I hate Cruise, Phillip Seymour Hoffman as a crazed bad guy may get me to see Mission Impossible.

My favorite and only commercial I liked was the MacGyver one. Richard Dean Anderson, still looking good after all these years.


I gotta go with the disappearing fridge. It just made me laugh.

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