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Well said Mark. You and MB have it down pat. I love both you guys!

/cheesy accolades


Great post Mark! I bet they were just had to get people's attention the cheap way: exaggerating. Wish they had been creative enough to come up with something honest...

Anyway, love the term ("kitchen sink" blogs) :-)


funny how my personal blog which started out as more of a kitchen sink one has tilted more and more towards politics.

i tend to read a fairly broad spectrum of blogs from the kitchen sinks, poli-blogs, techie... not much of a music-blog reader though.


good points, mark.

i like the "kitchen sink" term and the "trapped talking to *that* guy" analogy. i think our kinds of blogs, scattered and random but real, are or can be so much more interesting and valuable than the one-dimensional moneymakers.

Sharon GR

Another "I agree with you" comment. I'll continue to write as long as someone continues to read, even if it's only me.

Ryan Olah

Ditto on Paige's "well said".

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