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Let it go. Your post was completely appropriate.

Clearly there is some healing/closure that needs to happen with someone else, not your battle. And, though I catch your blog every day, it's not something you stumble onto. I think there's an agenda here - even if it's one for the right reasons.

No one is immortal and no one is immune from commentary. And what you wrote wasn't mean-spirited in the least. So please don't let one post get to you.


You know what, you didn't do anything wrong, I'd be more offended by her comment. Excuse us all for not realizing he was ON FAMOUS FACES WEEK. WE SHOULD HAVE REMEMBERED THAT, JELLY LADY!


Ouch. BTDT. To wit:
1. I blogged about what an arrogant a-hole Michael Chiarello seems to be on TV. He e-mailed me, feeling hurt and offended.
2. I blogged about my horrible, disgusting high school French teacher. His daughter e-mailed me, feeling hurt and offended.
3. I blogged about how creepy I think Anne Geddes' baby photos are, and some crazy Anne Geddes groupie sent me a scathing e-mail about what a bitch I am.

Sherri W.

This is 100% due to the commenter's own issues. Your post was clearly a description of the character in said commercial, and for anyone to take it as a snark about the actor who PLAYED the character....

Well, like Kelly said, I think this individual jumped all over your post as a way to play own her own personal agenda.


Dude. Someone obviously isn't sure whether he was an actor playing a part or a jelly novice.

In fact, I have serious doubts as to whether or not she's even who she says she is.

Don't give it a second thought - you didn't do anything wrong.

A.C. Gambler

You should feel ashamed for what you did. That poor, poor, jelly hawking man!

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