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I think it's sad that Mary Tyler Moore basically destroyed her beauty in an effort to preserve it.
How about Joan Rivers? I don't think she can blink any longer.
I miss Ted Baxter.


Oh, that photo is so, so sad (no, not the one of you in the bowtie...!). Your mention of Fox News and Ted Baxter in the same post is a perfect intro to this quick clip:


Damn...she's 70?! She does not look it but she is painful to look at when you consider all the work that has been done.


There are several actresses/actors who fit in the MTM plastic surgery mold. There is a website (I think it's badplasticsurgery.com). Take a look at Bruce Jenner, Hunter Tylo and Marie Osmond. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

As for Joan Rivers... well, if they ever make "Waylon & Madam, The Movie" we know where they can find Madam.

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