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hmmm... I've always been a jam man myself.


I had mint jelly with lamb in England. It was pretty bad. Although good by English food standards. Certainly was better than the blood pudding and the vegetables boiled till they were at the perfect mushy consistancy.
The Jelly Guy died? I liked him!


I'm not sure... has Donna ever been to England?


Hey now! Cut me a break! Its the ONLY place I've EVER been. Well, there, Wales and France but it was all the same trip!

Mrs. Jason Byce

Jason Byce was no "yokel". He was a class act who sang every male opera lead both in the USA and Europe, starred in Broadway musicals with stars such as Shirley Jones, acted in movies, commercials, and soap operas. He had a degree in voice from Furman University and a Masters of Voice from The New England Conservatory of Music. He was a fine musician, director, actor and singer. Where ever he traveled he was begged to re-enact his FAMOUS line from the Polaner commercial...people loved it and received great joy in hearing him say it. It is a real shame that you have to be so cynical about the actor who said this famous line so well that the commercial became a favorite and ran for SIXTEEN YEARS. Mr. Byce also made a guest appearance on, LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY, during FAVORITE FACES WEEK.

Your heartless comment, "apparently the "jelly guy" died last year...not that the All-Fruit elitists will give a damn" really reveals a flaw in your character..I just can't imagine anyone being so cruel! Mr. Byce's Mother, children, grandchildren and thousands of friends and fans have been affected by your blatant lack of manners.

Yes, sadly for all who loved Jason Byce, he did pass away February 13, 2005, after fighting two cancers...Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma first, followed by Multiple Myeloma. Both of these cancers were the direct result of AGENT ORANGE which was
a defoliating agent used in the Vietnam war.Jason Byce was a true patriot. He loved his country and would have been glad to give his life for it...and in end, he did.
You should also know that until the day of his death, nurses, doctors, patients and hospital visitors came to his room to meet him and ask for one more look at that famous face and line. He never said no, and the people always walked away with a smile on their face. By the way, that famous commercial was played at the closing of his memorial service for the thousands of mourners in attendance so that they could smile even in their sadness.
I believe in your right of free speech and the freedom to express your thoughts as you have in this article. However, I would hope that at some point you will gain some SENSITIVITY AND RESPECT for the memory of a deceased person and for those who loved him.

MaryEm (Mrs. Jason) Byce


Mrs. Byce,

With all due respect, I wasn't making fun of your husband, I was only making fun of the character he played in the All Fruit commercial. Your husband sounds like he was a fine man.

I'm sorry for your loss, and I'm sorry if I caused you more grief.

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