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The girls would like these for breakfast the next time they babysit. It will prove to them that you stock more than organic granola and soy in your kitchen.


Mmm. Pancakes. Makes me wish I got up a little earlier this morning.


Just so's you know:
1. Saco buttermilk powder is a great product and it keeps forever. You include the powder with your dry ingredients and the water that would reconstitute it with your wet ingredients. Works like a dream.
2. If you ever do buy real (wet) buttermilk, I've just learned that you can freeze it successfully. I use it for soaking chicken for deep-frying, stuff like that. I freeze leftovers in 1-cup containers for future use.


i never understood the allure of pancakes or waffles. never liked them really. only when i was younger and my older sister used to make chocolate chip pancakes did i like them and that was only because i was eating chunks of chocolate for breakfast. i'm a cereal or omelette person. i make some killer omelettes.

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