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That first shot is great!

And umbrellas in water?! Good god. Last year I went to an evangelical wedding. No alcohol. No music. No dancing. The bride, groom and all the entire wedding party were all under 21 anyways and toasted with glasses of punch which was in the corner of the church spewing forth from a fountain.

The ceremony + reception were quick though, the whole schpeal over in under 3 hours which was great!


Dude: flasks.


I am Southern Baptist (originally) and none of our wedding receptions ever feature alcohol. Imagine my mother's shock when she found out that our Yankee wedding reception would be in a beer hall (Stoudts). If I ever get married a second time, I'll send you an invite... ;)


we're thinking of having a re-nup so we can host the party of all parties now that our definition of grace and a good time has expanded. our NA reception was more a product of our relatives who like to get a little too loose as opposed to our piety.

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