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That is a really cool tower, where is it?


Wow, they are great pics! I liked them all and was tempted to go with Dad is Nuts for the whole truth in journaling thing, but I had to give my vote to New York Ave., DC. Awesome shot.


Wow! This is really hard. Apparently he's inherited his dad's eye. I think my favorite is Tolls. Not sure why. But NY Ave is wonderful and the trash cans have a lovely symmetry.


My nephew the genius!!

I like Highway Office Building because it's not a shot anyone (except a genius) would think to frame.

But they're all sooo good!


New York Ave.


They really are good. A chip off the old block. I vote for Rest Stop Trash.


Just found you through.....I have no idea. Goggle, perhaps.

Great photos, very inspirational. This coming from an amateur who enjoys taking photos in the same styles that you do. I have a photo journal and I've just put a post with your site on it - because your work should be viewed as much as possible!

Take care, keep shooting.

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