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Happy belated anniversary!

I caught a glimpse of your finish time in the Daily News. What's that work out to, about 7:20? I don't know how that is for you, but back when I used to run, 7:20 per on a ten-miler would have been spectacular, especially with my knees. (For a five-miler, I used to be good for about six even, but I never cracked 8 on a ten-miler.)

But just think, if you'd been running the Baghdad version of the Broad Street run, you would have placed top ten...


Happy Anniversary!! I'd love to watch that video one day with maybe 5 minutes of the homily. By weird coincidence, just last evening, I was looking thru some random pics Mom had sitting around and found one of your reception. Oh and I got a early phone call on Sunday from Dee boasting about her Bill Clinton room.

SHE tactfully refrained from any talk of 'reconnecting', thankyouverymuch.


Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more.


Thank you. Baby, you are the greatest!


Happy Anniversary guys... and many many more!


You're going the distance, you're going for speed. (works for both the race and the marriage/reconnection) Congratulations

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