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I feel your pain.


Father's Day cards are the WORST! They're all about golfing, grilling, hogging the remote, and farting. ALL of them.

For the record, Andy gave me the same bday card for 3 years straight. And we do the one-funny/one-sweet card thing too.


I think you should have found one that said she looked great for an old lady with two kids... That's the sentiment we moms are going for! :)


Reminds me of the time Jeff swore he read the birthday card he bought for me BEFORE he bought it. I gave him numerous chances to come clean before I finally read "Happy Anniversary to my Wife" to him. His excuse? "The guy told me they were all birthday cards. Wait til I see HIM again!" So much for reading.

Then there was the "You're Like a Mother to me" card my precious daughter gave me the very first time she picked out a Christmas card for me by herself. And who supervised that outing to the card shop? Yup, the same guy who claims to read cards before buying them...


And hmmmmm....Jeff was with Pete on our first Christmas together...they both forgot cards for us. Jeff came home with a huge, nice wife card. Pete gave me a "Merry Christmas to Someone Nice to Know".......


Oh Mark...I'll never forget the first birthday card that you picked out for mommy! "Deepest Sympathy" HAHA....true story....you were probably 7 or 8.

Sara J.

To be honest, I don't even read the cards my husband buys for me anymore. I just stare at the front for the obligatory 5 seconds, then open it, blink a few times, smile and say, "Thanks, hon!" before I put it down on the counter and forget about it.

I know... I'm horrible!

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