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Sherwood Schwartz?? That really wasn't very Brady of you.


But, but, but... without Sherwood Schwartz there is no Brady Bunch! Prepare for the wrath of Donna!

And Michael Ian Black makes me laugh... I can't help it.

dutch from sweet juniper

Why hast thou foresaken Michael Ian Black? It would take ten more years of Sierra Mist commercials to turn me against anyone involved with The State.


Michael Ian Black was a tough call for me (along with the Joy Buzzer inventor). I wasn't really thinking about his State work, I was thinking about how much I was sick of him and his "Bosco" by the time Ed went off the air. And the Sierra Mist commercials.

I gotta think about this one.

Eric David

We should all be proud that Derek Jeter was born in Jersey. Even if you hate the Yankees, you have to admit that he's a great talent and a class act. But it's been made abundantly clear over the years that fans of Philadelphia-based teams know zilch about class...


The State!!!!! Ian Black must be taken off this list!

And W was born and later schooled in Connecticut and New England. But raised early on in Texas.


Not an especially shameful list. You do hit a kind of cultural bleakness with Reid & Malkin. It's a topic for further research.


Sorry, but Jon Bon Jovi's ass is a national treasure.


you can add me because sometimes I don't like myself.

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