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Ooh, I'm jealous. I've heard all about Wegmans on CooksTalk but never been in one. Maybe they'll come to New England next?

Joe Sixpack

Actually, they only treat their human employees well. Allegedly. Their animals get treated like dirt compared with Trader Joe's. http://urveg.org/campaigns/wegmans


Okay, it's rare that I wish I were in South Jersey, but I will say that ever since I heard that Wegman's was coming, I was terribly envious...


For me, it was goodbye, Shop Rite... you lousy, uncaring, bad seafood, overcharging, sour employee store and hello Wegman's! I did hear we were supposed to get a more local Trader Joe's so I'll still patronize them if only because they were there when I needed them.

And Mark? I don't care how cute you are... that photo is waaaaaay too up close. Back it up, bub.


Ah, Wegmans. I live in the hometown area of Wegmans (Rochester, NY). When I first moved here in college it was love at first shop and I'm still a loyal customer many years later. They are a great store, have happy employees and I have never seen better produce in my life! It's not just the newness that makes them great.

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